One stop shop for waterway situational awareness and safety.

The Waterway Action Plan (WAP) is a suite of tools that provides the US Coast Guard (USCG), the US Army Core of Engineers (USACE), the maritime industry, and state and local governments with a decision-making dashboard that facilitates safe and orderly movement of vessel traffic through changing river conditions along the US inland waterways. TRABUS’ WAP dashboards seek to replace traditional workflows that are manually updated on spreadsheets with cutting edge workflows that use an automated electronic exchange of information to provide real-time situational awareness based on live river, lock and dam conditions.

WAP’s web-based portal:

  • Is a singular information source for river level conditions and lock/dam status that guides the decision-making process/
  • Provides a real-time automated GIS based dashboard that provides trip-wire alerts at locks and dams, allowing for decision-making capabilities along the inland waterways.
  • Provides advanced AI-based planning insights on 7-day river-level forecasts, bridge air gap clearances, travel time statistics, and real-time and advance notice dissemination of marine safety information such as Broadcast Notice to Mariners BNM) and Marine Safety Information Bulletins (MSIBs).