November 17, 2020
TRABUS Director of Data Science, Dr. David Sathiaraj, Participates in AI/ML Panel During the AFCEA San Diego C4ISR Symposium

San Diego, CA (November 17, 2020) – David Sathiaraj Ph.D., TRABUS’ Director of Data Science, recently participated in the AFCEA San Diego C4ISR Symposium as an industry expert on the “Government & Industry Collaboration on AI/ML Technology for the Navy” panel. The purpose of the panel was to discuss ways for the government and Navy to collaborate with industry on Artificial Intelligence (AI) /Machine Learning (ML)-based projects for the Navy. The panel included two Government/Navy officials and two industry experts. After an initial set of panel member introductions, the conversation quickly led to a discussion of RISE, which provided a good example of government and industry collaboration. A number of discussion questions ranged from challenges in applying AI/ML in Navy operations, to challenges in deploying operational AI/ML models in government infrastructures and obstacles in obtaining and pre-processing large-scale datasets for training of AI/ML models. RISE served as a prime example where similar challenges have been addressed and resolved. The panel questions also provided an opportunity for Dr. Sathiaraj to speak about deploying operational river models, bridge air gap predictions and travel time estimates in a live operational setup.