Actionable environmental and climate information and products that impact daily decisions.

Environmental changes are increasingly complex and involve vast amounts of data to understand. Our environmental informatics solutions can help address these challenges by providing tools to help digest and translate complex data into actionable information. Our decision-making tools and data modeling can support any organization’s ongoing research.

River level data for more than 1000 river gage locations along the US inland waterways
Location data for more 30,000 maritime vessels in the inland waterways
Daily climate information for more than 30,000 weather observation sites across the United States
Hourly climate information from more than 2,000 airport sites
Gridded environmental information at 4km x 4km grids for the continental United States
Live weather hazard information and tropical storm datasets
Big Data Repositories of Environmental Information

The Big Data repository is part of the core engine that drives TRABUS’ predictive models for the US inland waterway industry. These repositories are served by a robust GQL-based APIs that provide data access to billions of points of environmental and hydrological information.

    Climate Data Products and Services

    With deep domain expertise in this arena, TRABUS delivers big data analytics and AI-based products that can help serve diverse domains such as Agriculture (when to sow and harvest crops), Transportation (mitigate coastal and inland flooding, infrastructure planning), Insurance and Finance (risk assessment), and Construction and Engineering Projects (project planning around climate hazards).

      AI-Based Predictive and Decision Support Tools

      TRABUS provides AI-based environmental services in developing software tools that help with water management solutions for cities and water reservoirs, forest fire mitigation tools, storm surge risk assessment tools, and drought management tools.