Harnessing the utility of Artificial Intelligence to improve the decision-making process.

At TRABUS, we’re using predictive analytics, resource optimization and enhanced signal processing to develop AI-enabled capabilities that will increase the affordability, effectiveness, speed and safety of doing business and conducting operations. TRABUS’ AI and Data Science team includes a versatile group of scientists and engineers with graduate and doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, and other closely-related fields who have amassed several patents in the areas of AI, classification systems, predictive algorithms, and marine transportation and logistics. Together, they provide a holistic approach to all your AI and data science needs.

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Deep Learning and Machine Learning Algorithm Development

The TRABUS AI team provides software development and predictive analytics services that include algorithm development, deep learning and machine learning model training and deployment in production workflows, statistical modeling, big data visualization dashboards and full-stack cloud-based solutions that include all of the above.

    Data Science Dashboards

    TRABUS provides data science technology services that span across multiple industries. In the government space, TRABUS engineers have developed Big Data Analytics platforms, predictive AI-based technologies, and visualization dashboards that provide real-time decision insights and data-driven intelligence to government agencies such as USACE, USGS, USCG, and NOAA. TRABUS has also developed similar data dashboards to support the inland water transportation industry (including barge companies, tow-boat dispatch and operating entities, and terminal operators), as well as the oil and gas industry. Both government and private industry have used our live storm surge trackers during recent hurricane seasons to access real-time updates on storm surge.

      Data Science Dashboards
      Tableau and Grafana Consulting Services

      TRABUS also provides deployment and consulting services for Tableau Desktop and Server, Grafana, and Elastic. TRABUS works with big datasets to deliver visualization workflows and cloud-based analytical solutions that make your job easier.

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        A state-of-the-art information-sharing solution developed for the U.S. inland waterways. Using predictive analytics tools, machine learning and data visualization, the River Information Services Enterprise (RISE) is transforming the river industry into a culture of data-driven decision-making.

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