Connecting the World With Wireless Innovations and Predictive Intelligence


A forward-thinking approach to technology development and services.

TRABUS is a technology company with a mission to connect the globe through disruptive wireless technologies and predictive intelligence. With technical competencies in wireless communications and artificial intelligence, TRABUS has developed a spectrally efficient peer-to-peer (SEPP) innovation that provides simultaneous wireless conversations on the same frequency without the need for cell towers or infrastructure. TRABUS also leverages artificial intelligence to enhance wireless and provide predictive analytics for numerous industries, including Maritime. TRABUS has a growing patent portfolio, was on the Inc. 5000 for seven consecutive years, and was also recognized as 2022 Innovator of the Year in Northern Virginia.

The solution for all your industry needs.

Wireless Technologies

Our expertise in signal processing, wireless vulnerabilities and wireless networking is helping develop innovative solutions that will disrupt the wireless industry.

AI & Data Science

At TRABUS, we’re using predictive analytics, resource optimization and enhanced signal processing to develop AI-enabled capabilities that will increase the affordability, effectiveness, speed and safety of doing business and conducting operations. TRABUS’ AI and Data Science team includes a versatile group of scientists and engineers with graduate and doctoral degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, and other closely-related fields who have amassed several patents in the areas of AI, classification systems, predictive algorithms, and marine transportation and logistics. Together, they provide a holistic approach to all your AI and data science needs.


Cybersecurity is a coordinated effort throughout the information system. We provide support in systems security engineering, cross domain solutions, Assessment and Authorization, and cyber experimentation and demonstration.

Maritime Transportation

TRABUS uses predictive models and algorithms to offer data-driven services for the maritime transportation industry. We can help notify mariners of current and forecasted changes in river level conditions, bridge air gap clearance, and improved accuracy on estimated times of arrival. These data-driven services can also help avoid incidents such as vessels running aground, bridge collisions, or missed ETAs due to unknown lock closures, and unexpected stops.

Environmental Informatics

Environmental changes are increasingly complex and involve vast amounts of data to understand. Our environmental informatics solutions can help address these challenges by providing tools to help digest and translate complex data into actionable information. Our decision-making tools and data modeling can support any organization’s ongoing research.

Government Services

Using agile teams of technical and operational experts, TRABUS delivers valuable solutions to the government’s day-to-day needs in Engineering Services, Acquisition & Program Management and Technical Consulting.