Impact Through Technical Innovation

Unmanned Systems Secure Communications

Correct, complete, consistent, timely communications are critical for controlling unmanned systems and managing their sensors. This is particularly true for unmanned systems and hand held edge devices where human intervention is not possible or not practical. TRABUS provides assured wireless network design for unmanned systems including:

  • Last mile communications for small unmanned systems, sensor networks, and handle-held mobile devices
  • Adaptive networks capable of self-re-configuring based upon local RF and network conditions
  • Commercial based small footprint secured wireless communications
  • Intelligent communications engine with cross-layer routing capabilities


Situational Awareness

The recent surge of unmanned systems along with the continued expansion of mobile devices in the marketplace presents challenges in providing reliable situational awareness to deconflict manned and unmanned system platforms operating in the same physical environment. TRABUS provides solutions to address these challenges.

  • Low cost “sense-and-avoid” and “communicate-and-avoid” technologies and solutions for small unmanned systems
  • Social application development for smart devices to provide situational awareness and geospatial information to private small drone operators for local airspace de-confliction
  • Software decision aids for unmanned systems to collaborate with each other; as well as, with manned systems

Systems Engineering and Consulting

TRABUS offers a wide variety of systems engineering and consulting services for unmanned systems in both federal and commercial markets including: requirements engineering, systems integration, system interoperability, communications and systems architecture, installation and testing services. In addition, TRABUS offers FAA 333 exception application consulting services for commercial clients looking to use drones for a wide variety of business applications.