Impact Through Technical Innovation

Quality Assurance Program

Commitment To Quality

TRABUS Technologies’ commitment to quality is based on the following principles:

  • Effective Leadership
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Effective Communications
  • Continuous improvement
Effective Leadership

Quality management begins with leadership. The TRABUS Leadership team understands the importance of quality as a professional services organization. The Leadership team shall ensure that all TRABUS employees respond to client priorities as if they were directed by the TRABUS management team. TRABUS professionals understand that unless our clients are successful, TRABUS cannot be successful. Leadership is committed to providing the best products and services on time and within budget. Our customer requirements represent the minimum standard.

Continuous Monitoring

The TRABUS Team has implemented a stringent monitoring process that accounts for all contract deliverables. This process includes:

  • Project scheduling – A comprehensive schedule will ensure that each deliverable is tracked, delivered, and provides ample time for customer feedback and changes.
  • Reviews – Deliverables will be reviewed utilizing a phased approach that allows for drafts, technical evaluation, and final editorial corrections.
  • Detailed recording keeping and documentation control – Maintaining high-quality record keeping and being able to access past deliverables is another part of TRABUS’ commitment to quality control.
  • Keeping the customer informed – Regular feedback from the customer is essential towards refining and improving our customer service. TRABUS is committed to establishing regularly scheduled synchronization meetings with our customers to ensure TRABUS personnel remain on track for the best possible support.
Effective Communications

Communication and cooperation will remain an essential aspect of the TRABUS management philosophy. Regularly scheduled meetings with the client, as well as informal customer feedback will provide a means for TRABUS professionals to be responsive, agile, and effective with decisions and actions. With TRABUS’ flat organizational structure, clients can be assured that clear lines of communication are available to the right levels when needed. TRABUS will define clear lines of communications, not only with our clients, but with every partner, subcontractor, and employee.

Continuous Improvement

TRABUS seeks opportunities to implement a “best practices” philosophy to serve our clients, Through education, certifications, lessons learned, and team meetings, TRABUS is committed to developing the highest performance standards. We will leverage industry and commercial best practices, seek quality or vocational certifications, and work closely with all Stakeholders to ensure we continue to improve in our service and product support.​